Chad Conner

TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer #16510 | TDI Deco Procedures Instructor #16510 | DAN Instructor | USCG Captain Master 50 GT

From the moment I took those first breaths from a scuba regulator, I knew this was going to become a lifelong addiction. In the past few years I have now logged more than 1,600 dives spread across the globe in places such as The Great Lakes, Tobermory in Canada, San Diego’s own Wreck Alley, California’s Channel Islands, Florida, Truk Lagoon, San Carlos, Roatan, Cozumel, the cenotes of Playa del Carmen, Grand Cayman, Fiji & numerous islands around the Bahamas.

In November of 2009, I became a Divemaster and spent the next year and a half working with as many instructors as possible while learning how to teach classes, manage students, and help students improve their diving skills. In September of 2011, I became an SDI Open Water Scuba Instructor and have since helped hundreds of students become certified to dive or expand their current knowledge and skill sets.

Besides teaching courses ranging from open water scuba through technical diving, I enjoy wreck diving, underwater photography & videography and technical diving.  As a certified advanced trimix technical diver, I have explored many of the deep wrecks that the world has to offer.

When I’m not teaching class, I am spending quality time with my family, playing ice hockey or simply planning my next dive trip.

Diving for me isn’t just a recreational activity … it’s a lifelong addiction.

C’mon! Let’s go divin’!

Kevin Kenworthy

SDI Course Director #7544 | TDI Instructor #7544 | DAN Instructor | Emergency Medical Technician

A newspaper ad about scuba diving caught my attention in the fall of 1991. I promptly followed up on it and in 1992, I became a certified Open Water Diver. I fell in love with the entire dive experience including the underwater exploration, the benefits of a light physical workout, the scientific aspects of physiology and, the number one reason to continue diving – the great friends that are made along the way!

My dive career continued when I used it as an excuse to get away from my pager and head south into Mexico to dive along the Sea of Cortez where my boss couldn’t reach me.
Becoming a dive instructor was a natural fit after being a military instructor and I thoroughly enjoy the benefits of watching a new diver’s first wide grins, both above and below the water.
After learning there was really cool stuff to see deeper than recreational diving limits, technical diving became the next dream to fulfill, and, after that came technical dive instructing followed by closed circuit rebreather diving.

Introducing people to the sport of diving is definitely one of my passions and is always rewarded with grins and new friendships made.

Best to all and C’ya underwater sometime in the near future!

Ray Anthony

SDI Open Water Instructor #20510 | DAN Instructor

RAI have always been fascinated with diving and the underwater world but never thought I would get the opportunity to see it firsthand. My wife and I were in a store before Christmas in 2007 and there was some scuba gear on display. I commented that I had always wanted to dive. She surprised me with an Open Water course for Christmas that year. I have been addicted ever since. In 2010, I decided to start working toward my Divemaster certification. I got my Divemaster certification in 2011 and spent about a year and a half learning to work with students, supervise dive activities and teach classes. I became an Instructor in 2012. I love sharing my passion for diving.

When I’m not teaching I enjoy spending time with my family, riding my bicycle and working on expanding my diving knowledge and skills.

I was taught you can teach people to dive or create divers. When we create divers we have introduced people to the activity we love and the diving community and lifestyle


Giovanni Barr

SDI Open Water Instructor #16239 | TDI Instructor #16239 | ERDI Instructor #16239

I was certified in 1996 and immediately realized I loved the water! I then discovered wreck diving and my need to explore. The following years were a blur, 2000 I became a technical diver, 2001 I became an NAUI Open Water Instructor, 2002 I took technical wreck diving, 2003 I took trimix and got full cave certified….I haven’t stopped!

I started working in local SCUBA shops on my days off from my regular job just so I could learn more. I was quickly put to work as an Instructor and Divemaster on several boat charters.
Fast forward a few years and a new job, next thing I know I am a Public Safety Diver and Instructor for the Sheriff’s Department. Suddenly I’m diving blackwater, conducting heavy lift operations, taking classes on Underwater POST Blast investigations, commercial hardhat diving and intensive dive rescue classes. Needless to say, I’ve got to do some fun stuff!

Diving has taken me on some amazing adventures, diving in mountain caves in Utah, caves in Missouri and Florida, submerged mines in Arizona, submerged missile silos in Texas, competitive league sanctioned diver propulsion scooter races (Yes I have trophies)….and wreck diving!!! When I’m not diving or working, I’m dreaming of my next adventure where I am not working but probably still diving.

Always the adventure!

Forrest Packebush

SDI Assistant Instructor #25446 | DAN Instructor | USCG Captain Master 100 GT

I joined the LP Scuba team as a licensed boat captain in early 2015 and became open water certified through LP Scuba in mid 2016.  The underwater world took hold!  Since then I have racked up almost 300 dives in just under 2 years.

Continuing to expanding my dive knowledge and experience he has taken me through many more classes and I’ve moved up the dive ladder to become a Rescue Diver & Master Diver.  I recently decided to take the next step and become a dive pro and completed the Divemaster rating in Feb 2018 and then continued on my path of learning to recently become an Assistant Instructor.

I am currently training and aspiring to become a TDI Technical Divemaster and enjoy running the dive boat and diving at every available opportunity!

Scott Betzer

SDI Assistant Instructor #24535 | DAN Instructor

As a kid I was always fascinated with the ocean and its occupants.  I had been interested scuba diving forever, so when my wife and I started talking about it we decided it was something we needed to do together.  So in November of 2010 we got our open water certification.  Every year since we have dove a different place in the Caribbean.

I got my advanced open water in September of 2011 and haven’t stopped learning and taking classes since.  One of my favorite classes was Rescue diver in Mar of 2012. By December of 2012 I became a Divemaster.  I really loved helping teach working with as many great instructors as I could learning teaching techniques while assisting with students.  One of the best things I see is the look in a student’s eyes the first time they realize they are breathing underwater.  In November of 2013 I became an Assistant Instructor.

In addition to diving with my wife and daughter, I love working with students.  When I’m not diving we do a lot of outdoors things such as camping and UTV riding.


Dustin J. Rayhorn

SDI Divemaster #20538 | DAN Instructor

My first scuba adventure began with a Christmas in 2005 when my brother got me Open Water certified so we could dive together.  I was amazed at how diving truly made me relax and just enjoy being in such an incredible environment.  I became hooked on diving and worked to take as many classes as I could.  I quickly worked to achieve Advance Open Water, Rescue Diver, multiple specialities, and the Master Scuba diver rating.

In 2014, I became a Divemaster and have enjoyed continuing to build my knowledge of diving and the underwater world.  I have completely fallen in love with helping people achieve their scuba diving goals.  It never ceases to amaze me seeing a new diver or a diver who just completed a new skill smile in success.  I love being a part of that!

Scuba diving has taken me to some amazing places and introduced me to some amazing people. Exploring a wreck in Honduras or skirting through lava tubes in Kauai are just a few of the great scenes I have been able to enjoy.  The sport truly allows me to refocus and relax, while getting exercise and seeing a part of the world most humans will never see.

That Christmas in 2005 was one of the best I ever had.  It truly was the gift that keeps on giving.

You can do this! Let’s get in the water and dive!