SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Course & Advanced Diver Courses

( SDI )

Our beloved planet Earth’s surface is covered by over 70% of water, of which 95% of it will remain unseen by the eyes of humans. You may have gone swimming in the ocean or snorkeling in a tropical destination….but now is the time to take it one step further. See the aquatic world up close and personal and as it is meant to be experienced – underwater. Immerse yourself in a wonderful array of sea life and dive with schools of colorful fish, graceful sharks or take a trip into the history books and dive some of the most amazing historical wrecks that your newly found underwater world has to offer. Whichever direction you decide to take your new underwater life-style; it all begins here.

The Open Water Scuba Diver course is an entry-level certification course designed to give you the necessary skills to safely conduct open water dives.  Some of the skills you will learn include buoyancy, proper weighting, underwater navigation, proper equipment assembly & post dive maintenance and most importantly, proper dive planning.  It covers all of the basic knowledge about scuba equipment, physiology and the marine environment while training students to perform basic skills underwater.  This course is the key to start exploring dive destinations around the globe or just the ones in your own backyard.

After successful completion of your Open Water certification, you have only just begun your underwater journey.  To build your skill set and hone your in-water diving abilities, it is best to continue to your scuba education by taking additional advanced diver training courses and continuing education classes. There is an abundance of information available here for you to acquire while you continue to dive and build your skills. So take your time to become proficient and educated. Remember, scuba diving is not a race, it’s a spectator sport! Your dive buddies will thank you. The boat captain will thank you. Most importantly, you will have a more enjoyable time underwater!

We look forward to seeing you in class and in the water!

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TDI Technical Diver Courses

( TDI )

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the limits of recreational scuba depths? Have you ever wanted to stay down longer than the No Decompression Limits allow for? We are proud to partner with and teach courses with Technical Diving International (TDI) to help answer those very questions. As an open water diver progresses it is only natural to wonder what the next step is after recreational scuba training. With technical dive training you can break through those no decompression limits and the depth limitations to go explore some of the amazing wrecks and caves that fall well below the limits of recreational scuba diving. Whether you’re looking for extended bottom time or depths exceeding those of recreational diving, our TDI courses will help you achieve your goal safely!

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Emergency Response Dive Instruction Courses

( ERDI )

ERDI is the Public Safety diving (PSD) agency that trains Police, Fire and other public safety organizations in Search and Rescue techniques in just about every submerged environment known. ERDI trains departments on how to make and maintain their own PSD teams along with being the only Public Safety diving training agency that has their own insurance that endorses its own standards. All ERDI programs are OSHA and NFPA compliant. In fact, some of the largest successful and renowned departments use ERDI Programs to conduct their training.

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